Creative Services

The prices on our website are based on you providing and uploading your own print ready artwork.

Our clever system can often rectify errors automatically with your uploaded files such as print density and text that is too close to the cutting lines.

Should you wish to purchase a product but do not have any print ready artwork and do not have an agency that can produce this for you, then we can offer our creative services to assist you with this as we have in house graphic designers.

Rates for our creative services are £50 per hour, with a minimum charge of £50.

Don't worry though, we wouldn't dream of charging you £50 for a teeny tiny change.  But artwork can sometimes go back and forth 10 times before final approval and as every job is different, and all artwork is unique, it's really hard for us to quote 'off the cuff' or have a 'fixed' price list. 

If your just not sure, want to ask a question or pick our brains - call us on 01279 898170 or e-mail us